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Full speed ahead for school study

There’s plenty happening in our school study at present. The follow-up of the first participating school classes is currently underway, two new sixth classes have started and approximately 150 teachers have received an overview of plans and practical mindfulness exercises such as breathing techniques, ‘raisin exercise’ and body scanning.

New base for research on mindfulness

The Mindfulness and Compassion Center for Research and Education (MCC) is a new research and knowledge platform from Scania primary healthcare and Lund University that analyses the effects of mindfulness and compassion on mental, physical and social health.

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Today, stress-related disorders are common contributors to illness. Numerous studies have shown that mindfulness can be a good method to help reduce stress and increase concentration levels. However, further research is needed in order to get more scientific and consistent answers. Make a donation today and become part of an exciting development.

Frontline research in focus

Welcome to the fundraising foundation for research on Mindfulness and Compassion, IFMM. With fundraising support the foundation will aid and stimulate research, boost development and training in mindfulness and compassion and disseminate knowledge on scientifically based methods.

1000 barn testar effekten av mindfullness

Mindfulness in the classroom in Scania

Exploring the fantasy forest, relaxing with soft toys and breathing exercises; a new subject has been added to the curriculum in the classroom in southern Sweden. In a project involving more than a thousand school children, researchers are examining how mindfulness training can lead to a decrease in stress levels. They also want to survey young people’s mental health and risk factors.

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A simple way to help IFMM’s efforts to strengthen the research on mindfulness is to make a donation of any amount via SWISH: 123 162 4923.

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You can make a donation right here, right now. How much you choose to donate is up to you and all contributions are gratefully received, big and small. We will send a confirmation and a thank you email for your donation.

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A gift donation to IFMM in honour of a loved one or friend can be meaningful and appreciated. We have created an electronic gift facility with room for a personal greeting that you can send to the person that you wish to honour.

The IFMM fundraising foundation supports the primary research platform Mindfulness and Compassion Center for research, practice and education, (MCC) at the Center for Primary Healthcare Research (CPF) – a collaboration between Region Skåne and Lund University.

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